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Hi!  I’m Carrie. A Chicago native,I’m a restless wanderlust and prefer to be outside, in perpetual motion. By day I’m a writer and marketing communications specialist who likes to craft a story and share people’s passions. My focus is sustainability, community, and holistic well-being, and I aim to align my own lifestyle with those values. A year-round biker and vegetarian since I was 12, I'm an owner of the local grocery co-op  and don’t have an Amazon account. Music & art fill me up, and I enjoy exploring Chicago's rich cultural offerings while also curating my own events. 


In my early 20s my mother was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and my father with Alzheimer’s, giving me real-life experience in long-term care. I worked for years as a Life Enrichment specialist on a memory care unit, providing sensory stimulation and moments of meaningful joy to residents with cognitive decline. 


In 2014 I broke my kneecap and was diagnosed with a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- severe chronic pain and debilitating nerve damage- that my Western doctors said I would never recover from. I utilized a combination of acupuncture and other holistic treatments to overcome CRPS against the odds, and in 2021 took my first steps on my own after seven years of walking with a crutch. Today I am hiking mountains in New Zealand and checking US National Parks off my to-visit list. 

When I'm not traveling, you can find me exploring new Chicago neighborhoods and taking my godson on local adventures. 

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Drop me a note with a project idea or just to connect!! 


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